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We've all been to workshops that were a HUGE waste of our time.

The objectives were unclear.

The outcomes were, at best, uncertain. 

The right people weren't in the room.

Don't be "that person".

The person whose workshops everyone dreads.

The person who isn't respectful of their colleagues time.

The person who wastes an opportunity to harness collective brainpower. 

Be the person whose workshops are LEGENDARY. 

Hold the workshops no one can stop talking about. 

Hold the workshops that create new meaning for your company. 

Hold the workshops that define the future.

Call in the expert and do it right.

Harness the brainpower of everyone in the room.

Develop breakthrough ideas and innovative strategies that will leave an impact legacy for your brand.

Walk away with alignment, buy-in and a roadmap for success.

Are you the next industry disruptor?

A pioneering force for good?

Workshop Process

1. Tailored Workshop Design: I work closely with you to understand your objectives and challenges. Then I build a workshop rooted in design thinking, leveraging the full creative potential of attendees.

2. Priming the Foundation: I'll design pre-launch materials, priming the attendees for a great workshop session.

3. Proven Approach: We'll harness my proven Force for Good Workshop Process to achieve breakthrough thinking and reimagine what's possible.

4. Navigation System: Based on your project's specific needs, we'll develop tailored next steps. 

5. Take Flight: You'll have everything you need to land your Impact Moonshot and leave your legacy. 

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Kara Brody


This was one of the best sustainability workshops I’ve ever attended. Kathy created a prime environment for creative exploration and facilitated the group through idea generation to redefine what’s possible. By creating inspiring pre-work for the attendees, Kathy was able to level-set everyone in the room and get attendees brainstorming ideas before the workshop even began. The result was a group of engaged attendees who effectively used the workshop time to come up with real solutions to some of our sustainability challenges.

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Alexis Haass

One of the most effective sustainability workshops I’ve ever attended. Kathy laid the groundwork for creative exploration, created a workshop structure that kept everyone engaged, and harnessed the collective brainpower in the room to generate breakthrough ideas. Due to her efforts in organization up front, collection of right stakeholders to participate, and thorough follow up we came out more clear, unified, and specific about what steps we wanted to take to evolve our strategy.  The benefits of clarity and simplicity cannot be emphasized enough – without this, no strategy will be a success.


Janette Atkins


Far more than a facilitator; Kathy was able to engage the full collection of inspiring and creative minds on a tour of what is possible...  I left feeling empowered, inspired, and well equipped!


Kathy's Most
Popular Workshops

become Remarkable
Identify your purpose
(2 Half Day sessions)

Your brand can stand for many inspiring causes.  However, where you can have the greatest impact on the world and on your business ROI is limited. In this strategy session workshop, we will identify the few purpose areas that will have the biggest impact on your business and on the world. These areas lay at the intersection of: what you do, what your consumers care about, what your employees care about, and the industry you're in. 

Transform Employees into brand Evangelists
Building Internal Alignment
(2 Half Day sessions)

In this strategy session workshop, we'll determine how to start operationalizing your Purpose. To effectively operationalize involves enlisting your entire company, setting ambitious milestones, and determining your metrics. This is one of the most important elements in becoming a purpose-led brand, and it is imperative for capturing the business benefits of being purpose-led (increasing employee engagement, attracting the best talent, increasing brand loyalty, and driving sales).

Rally for Change
Deploying your purpose
(2 Half Day sessions)

In this strategy session workshop, we'll identify potential strategic partners (a dream team of co-creators and co-changemakers) that can help bring your purpose to life in bigger and better ways. We'll also develop new and innovative strategies and tactics to bring your purpose to life across 3 important components of change creation:
1 - WHAT you'll do and HOW you'll do it
2 - INVITING more people to join the movement
3 - giving VISIBILITY to the change you’re creating

Cultivating an Innovative Culture 
Harnessing Cognitive Diversity 
(1 Half Day session)

In this strategy session workshop, we'll identify barriers to collaboration and creativity across your organization. Then we'll create a blueprint specifically for your company that will put you on track to foster an innovative culture by harnessing the innovative power of cognitive diversity, increasing collaboration, and celebrating continuous improvement.

Innovating Your Talent Pipeline 
Strengthening Your Diversity & Inclusion Foundation
(1 Half Day session)

In this strategy session workshop, we'll review your current talent pipeline, and develop innovative approaches to diversifying your incoming talent across cognitive, background, and demographic metrics.  We'll also identify internal programs that might be needed to ensure inclusion, equity and engagement across your workforce.

REimagine the future
Purposeful innovation 
(1 Half Day session)

In this strategy session, we identify new revenue streams and different business models that will bring your purpose to life in innovative ways. These ideas will have the power to ultimately shape the future of your business and your industry (while impacting the world).

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