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Healing wasn't meant to be done alone. 

“As you start to walk on the path,
the way appears.” - Rumi

Jane E. Latimer

ThetaHealing(R) Psychotherapist

Kathy has a lovely ability to empathically intuit and attune to the inner workings of her client's psyche. 

Her energy is compassionate, tender and loving. If you find yourself in the presence of this lovely Soul, I can only imagine you will feel safe, nurtured and seen.

Danica Warren

Holistic Wellness Practitioner & Life Coach

Kathy creates a non judgemental space where I feel safe to tell her anything. She helped me move through my emotions and triggers. For example, through Kathy’s help, I overcame a limiting belief, born from a childhood trauma, that was holding me back. I was able to create a new narrative that serves me instead of limits me.  Kathy has truly opened up parts of myself I didn’t know existed, leading me on a path of knowing myself that has changed me for the better.

Dr. Maria Mae McNash

Holistic Chiropractor

Kathy has an innate ability to listen.  Not only does she listen to what one says, she pays quiet attention to how things are said, what is not said, and body posture.  
With her gift of active listening, she is able to ask meaningful questions that assist the person into their authentic being i.e., into what is true for them.
With gentleness, patience, and genuine curiosity, Kathy holds a space that is safe in order to look at things from an angle one may not have otherwise contemplated.

“Whoever travels without a guide needs two hundred years for a two-day journey.” Rumi

One-on-one coaching

One hour session to assist on your journey to rewire your internal operation system, align with your true self, and achieve your full potential personally and professionally. 

Private mentorship

This private mentorship will guide you to identify limiting beliefs and break old patterns of thinking that are keeping you from enjoying the life you've worked so hard to create. 


This 3 month package offers 6 one-on-one, 1 hour sessions with Kathy, combined with tailored assignments and integration work between sessions.




Kick-start your healing journey with this virtual full day guided transformative workshop.


We’ll dive deep, provide you foundational frameworks and self-inquiry tools, and start laying the foundation for your self-alignment and self-healing journey.


One day you will share your story of overcoming and it will become a survival guide for someone else.


You are driven and achievement oriented. You have done all the “right things”. On paper, you have an incredible life. 

But you aren't enjoying life as much as you want. You are ready to stop looking externally for answers. You are ready to start unpacking your narrative, history, and experiences. 

You want to see if there is a different way of being. You may not understand what self compassion, self acceptance and self love truly mean...but you want to find out. 

I don't work With 

  • Clients looking for a magic bullet.

  • Not committed to doing the hard work of looking inside, being curious.

  • Not willing to be vulnerable and honest with themselves.

  • In need of psychological help and medication to stabilize, before they’re in a condition to dive into self inquiry. 

Life coaching - done right - works

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Kathy Varol

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