When you embed purpose into the heart of your business, you won't just disrupt your industry and tap into the best growth strategy there is...you'll shape the future and impact the world. 


Humans are wired with a desire to contribute to something greater than ourselves both personally and professionally.

We look for meaning in our careers, and the best talent is choosing to work for organizations that feed their heart as well as their bank account. 

As consumers, we're doing our research. We're putting our dollars toward companies with aligned values. The truth is, companies without a purpose beyond profit will be left behind. You can either be a pioneering force for good in your industry, or the disrupted.

In this keynote, I focus on the power of purpose to engage your organization, inspire innovation, and win the hearts of your consumers. I'll reveal:


  • 7 common mistakes in creating a purpose-led organization

  • Why a corporate social responsibility department won't get you the impact - or the credit - you want

  • Why doing good is the magic bullet to get the most powerful form of advertising (for free!)

  • My 4 step no-fail Brand Purpose Model


This keynote is perfect for

 Organizations who are seeking to: 


  • Be the most valued brand in  their market

  • Cut through the noise and create a new vision for their marketing budget

  • Instill a greater engagement and energy from their internal team

  • Create sustainable growth around one clear vision

  • Attract new customers and drive customer loyalty  

Ayesha Martin


Kathy has the extraordinary ability to translate complex data points into accessible, transformative storytelling. Her passion, presence and ability to bring the audience along on the journey has helped steer many in pursuit of Purpose, from senior executives to grassroots community leaders. Motivator, thought leader and impactful strategist - Kathy has the ability to accelerate purpose missions effortlessly.

Emmy Negrin


Kathy's passion and strategic approach to Purpose connect the aspirational to the practical. She is engaging, energetic and makes you want to take action.

Alexa Andersen 


Kathy is a force for change.  An inspiring speaker that energized us to aim higher, while sharing the tools to implement change.


Kathy is a natural connector of people, and infectiously optimistic in the power of innovation to create the future.


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Kathy Varol

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