The Weight of History

Color. Gender.

Cast. Creed.

Insignificant details.


Those that end up

on top,

deserve to be

on top.

Hard work and grit

is all it takes.

We hide behind

this toxic fairy tale

of equality.

Denying responsibility.


The weight of history

tells a different story.

Bias, slithering through


Suppression coiling

around “other”.

Us. Them.

Poisoning perception.

Smothering humanity.

The insatiable beast

of privilege

greedily hoarding.

Deluding himself

that life is fair.

Clinging to complacency,

guilts’ obedient accomplice.

It is time

to rise above

our disgraceful inheritance.

Atone for centuries

of wrong.

Remove the shackles

of injustice.

Dismantle societal structures

perpetuating inequality.

Strip our tainted skin,

laden with histories lies.


the beautiful truth.

There is no Us and Them.

There is only Us.