The Fairy Tale is Wrong

Waiting to be chosen, validated.

We’ve seen this story a million times.

Soulmate riding in, seeing you.

Loving every piece.

Showing you the beauty,

in the parts you thought were wrong.

His presence, making sense

of all your pieces.

The fairy tale is wrong.

You are not

a supporting actor

waiting to be saved.

Waiting to be made right.


You are the heroine.

You are your own soulmate.

Your first and last love.

Why forfeit the power of choice

to someone else.

You alone can validate your worth.

Why relinquish the privilege of loving you

to someone else.

You are your most transformative love.

Why project the responsibility of boundaries

onto someone else.

You alone know what you need.

Use your voice.

Proudly be heard.

Stand confident in who you are,

in what you deserve.

The world will treat you

as you treat yourself.

Be the soulmate you were waiting for.

Be your own, knight in shining armour.