The Choice

What happens

when the safety net


Steadily transforming,

inch by imperceptible


Once comforting

suddenly suffocating.

A straight jacket

inconspicuously constricting

around dreams.

Choking imagination.


as breathing slows.

Barely sustaining


Take notice

as the glow of passion

flickers out.

The shadow

of inspiration


a faint memory.


you have a choice.

Sacrifice desire

for certainty

and coast comfortably

into oblivion.

Or risk your significance

and courageously face

the unknown.

Stepping out from behind

the smoke and mirrors.

The asphyxiation of


Bravely shedding

the tired alabaster

of ego.

Make room

for what could be.

Make room

for a future so full

you never dreamed

to imagine it.

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