Seismic Shift

The safety net

bestowed upon me.

Beautifully adorned.

The exclusive group

I felt unworthy

of joining.

As though I slipped

through the gates.

A glitch

in the system.

My surprise admission

creating a hypnotic cocktail

of gratitude

and debt.

Feeling a seismic shift.

The tremors

growing stronger.

The frequency quickening.

Realization dawning

that this transformation

has been brewing

for a long time.

Lying unnamed

just below the surface.

Unable to identify

the source

of restless discomfort.

This house

I was once honored

to be let inside.

Losing its luster

as I became painfully aware

of every inch.

The cracks in the floor.

The ceiling that gets lower

with each passing year.

The scuff-marked walls,

a telltale sign

the space

has been outgrown.

Familiarity killing the mystery

and magic

that beckoned

from the windows outside.

Wonder gone. Dulled with time

after staring day after day

at the same beautifully curated

objects inside.

It’s getting too stuffy to breathe.

It’s time to see what lies

on the other side

of these constricting walls.

It’s time to let the rumbling earthquake

create space

for something new.

It’s time to sacrifice what is

for the dream

of what could be.

It’s time to trust myself

to build

without the suffocating confines

of someone else's


What will my house look like?

As I allow my heart

to create it

brick by brick.

As I reimagine

something beautiful

and new.

I don’t know.

But I can promise you,

it will be like nothing

we’ve ever seen.