Power of Being Seen

Spirit, settling in.

Comfortably filling

every fiber

of body.

Clearing anxiety’s

white knuckled vibration.

A grounding calm

knowingly waiting

in its wake.

Deafening chatter dissipates.

A gracious reprieve.

Gifting space

for clarity of a pure

untainted voice

to emerge.


is the impact

of being seen.

Spirit feeling it’s existence

recognized by another.

It’s essence called forward.

The chaotic frenzy

of uncertainty


No longer calculating

what’s wanted.


shape shifting a presence

to match.


is the impact

of being seen.

The powerful invitation

to just


Shedding all expectations.


from the well worn stories

masking who

you are.

The awareness

of finally

coming home.

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most Valued Brand In A Crowded Market 

Kathy Varol

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