How Will You Choose


slowly seeping into

every nook and cranny.

Each open space


with acid.

Feasting on pleasure.

Replacing joy with


The daily change,


Until one day

you notice

the hollow cavity


Heavy emptiness.

Laden with unfulfilling


Life sacrificed

for the illusion

of perfect.

Each day

numbly going

through the motions.

Meaninglessly living

someone else's dream.

Someone else's expectations.

Time to wake up.

There are no

do overs.

No “next times”.

How will you choose

to intentionally spend

this one precious life?

Will you let your heart

burn so brightly

it lights a path

for others?

Will you let your

contagious spirit


everyone you encounter?

Will you let your dreams

grow so large

they inspire a movement?

Tell me.

How will you choose

to spend

this one precious life?

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Kathy Varol

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