Cosmic Dance

Speaking different languages

in the same tongue.

Living divergent experiences

in the same moment.

Shared memories

unrecognizably distorted

by perception.

Reality manifesting

parallel universes.

Ebbing and flowing.

Never merging.

Never one.

Drifting closer

A faint memory

of seeing. Understanding

tugging at the edges.

The gravitational pull

for connection.

Drifting closer

Curiosity seeking,

peering in.

Glimpsing the multitudes,

cultivated and weathered.

Shaped by the depth

of individual history.

Drifting closer

Seeing a new truth.

Equally valid. Real.


Recognizing a different reality.

Compassionately holding

its substance.

Its weight.


Everything right

and wrong

in the same moment.

Complexity multiplying.

Capacity draining.

Desire for simplicity

taking hold.

Pulling inward.

Resetting to self.

Drifting further.

The window closes.

Color drains.

Black or white.

Reality shifting back.


A steadfast belief

in a singular truth.



Ache for connection,



The gravitational pull


Urging the cosmic dance

to begin again.

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