“Everyone is

the center

of their own


I hate those ego

laden words.

Resisting their truth.

Their inherent


Unwilling to stand

center stage.

Take too much


Clinging to

a virtuous illusion.

Blaming others

for my actions.

My failures.

My limits.

Abandoning responsibility.

An innocent victim

of life’s casualties.

No longer

will I hide

behind a veil

of faultlessness.

I will claim

my power.

Honor my responsibility

as ruler

of my universe.

Sole Guardian,

for what I let in

and what

I let out.

Compassionately cultivating

my world.

Divine mother.

Accountable for thoughts


emotions nourished,

toxins tenderly


Embracing the knowledge

that life

is happening for me.

Intentionally choosing

how to dance

to the ever-changing


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