Purpose & Profit

You’re a c-suite executive that’s passionate about driving both purpose and profit. You want to re-purpose capitalism, change the status quo of business, set the gold standard for your industry, create a world-class culture, and leave a lasting legacy for generations to come. 


You understand the value of outside perspectives in seeing beyond your company and industry-specific blindspots.


You’re interested in joining an intimate group of like-minded leaders that are trailblazing a purpose-driven path in their own industry. 


The Purpose and Profit Mastermind was made for you.


Join us.


Let’s create a better future together.

Next Cohort: January 2023 - June 2023

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"Just what I needed! Helped me back plan and create a roadmap to turn the dream into an actionable plan. Highly recommend!"

- Brett Nord, CEO, FineTune Tech
What is The
purpose& Profit Mastermind?

Imagine your potential - and impact - with a new superpower.


Your own powerhouse board of advisors—made up of a group of brilliant conscious-capitalists from different industries who bring their wealth of experience to push, pull, and support you across the finish line of your most intimidating and impactful goals.


Each person, accelerating both purpose and profit within their organization. Using their business as a force for good, and establishing purpose as a core competency. 


This is the Purpose and Profit Mastermind. 


In the mastermind, I bring together high-caliber leaders from multiple industries (ensuring no industry overlap) because what’s commonplace in one industry is innovative in another.


Leaders across every organization are experiencing expanded responsibilities as Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) requirements expand expectations on business. These changes impact  whether they will get to keep their “license to operate” in the eyes of regulators, employees, and consumers. 


Through the mastermind, you have direct access to me, along with a small cohort of hand-selected superstars. We help you think bigger and move faster than you ever thought possible as you tackle new challenges. 

Some people wait around for weeks, months, or years for the "right moment" to try something new. Others take action, knowing that there's no "right moment," there's only now.


The truth is, you won’t have more time or more energy next year. There will still be only 24-hours in a day. But you can make your limited time work harder for you.


The program ends up saving you time, because you get real-time feedback from the group that helps you make better decisions, and better decisions translate to a more effective and efficient business.


It can be lonely at the top. This is a safe space for you to be messy, to not have all the answers, and to openly share your personal and professional challenges (even those you can’t share with your colleagues or family).


We support you, challenge you, stress-test your ideas, and help you achieve breakthroughs in your business, accelerating both your impact and your profit.

If you’re ready to build the future, with a power-house board of advisors invested in helping you succeed, apply now.


I have a rolling admissions policy, focused on hand-selecting the best cohort. With space for only 6 people, the seats go in a flash. Submit your application as soon as possible.

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“The program was very powerful in generating breakthrough insights, as well as providing a safe space to be messy, share concerns, brainstorm, reframe, and get advice from others.”

- Shripriya Mahesh, Founding Partner, Spero Ventures
Who is The
Mastermind For?

There are many masterminds out there for people who are interested in networking or are focused solely on short-term growth, regardless of the long-term cost.

This is NOT one of those masterminds.

The Purpose & Profit Mastermind is limited to business leaders who run a company, a division, or a team with ambitious profit and impact targets and who have the ability to change the organizational status quo.


Leaders who are stepping up to tackle ESG expectations, and re-purpose capitalism with the impact on all stakeholders in mind.

This mastermind assembles a dynamite team of thought partners who help each other see things differently, challenge assumptions, highlight blind spots, and offer new perspectives in order to make massive progress and massive impact.

This is leadership development at its best.


You receive just-in-time feedback as you make tough leadership decisions, from people who’ve been there before - as you navigate new business requirements and chart a path to set the industry gold-standard. You get the invaluable benefit from others’ experience—mistakes and wins—as you chart a path toward your purpose-driven goals.

Susan McLachlan_ Founder _ CEO_ Mindful
“I had a big vision for my work, but was unsure about how to take the first steps towards realizing this potential.  Thanks to their insightful questions and the support of a diverse and skilled cohort, I now feel that this early vision has been pressure-tested and refined.  The friendships I have made and the knowledge I have obtained will remain with me long into the future.”

- Susan McLachlan, Founder & CEO, Mindful Nutrients
it works

We’re often too close to our own problems to think about them differently.

Consider this often-ignored point.

Many problems are solved outside the domain of expertise in which they appear.

For example:
Gamers decoded an AIDS protein that stumped medical researchers for 15 years — in just three weeks.

Surgeon Atul Gawande applied aviation’s “pre-flight checklist” to make surgery safer and less prone to human error. This borrowed system cut surgical complications in half and continues to save tens of thousands of lives every year.

A seismic engineer made auto-tune possible, adding a new tool to the pop music toolbox.
The power of cognitive diversity and multi-disciplinary problem solving is responsible for many of humanity's great innovations.

Imagine having that kind of brain trust assembled to help you reach your most important purpose and profit objectives.

That’s exactly what the Purpose and Profit Mastermind is all about.

There’s a magic that happens when minds from vastly different backgrounds approach a challenge. The power of thought diversity is responsible for humanity’s greatest innovations and awe inspiring progress.

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“Far too often our ideas sit on the proverbial shelf and collect dust. What really separates dreams from success is a plan. What makes the Mastermind so powerful is first being accountable to your plan (and yourself), sharing it with others who care and (if you are open minded enough) receiving feedback to curate your plan into something beyond what you imagined alone.”

- Bryan Vincent, President, Precision Science
it works

As long as you have a good wifi signal, you can participate from anywhere in the world.


The program is designed for busy business leaders who are pressed for time. Leaders whose scope has increased with ESG, and they are ready to put their best foot forward as they blaze a purpose-driven path.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Virtual kick-off retreat. We’ll work with you to define your purpose and business objectives, then create a high-level approach for getting there. This will form the basis for your Purpose & Profit Roadmap and your personalized approach to the mastermind.

  • Two group calls per month. You’re guaranteed a monthly hot seat. It works like this: You bring to the group something you’d like feedback on. The group helps you wherever you need help. In prior mastermind sessions, we’ve helped members make high-level hiring decisions, evaluate potential audiences for new products, stress-test their purpose-integrated business strategy, and tackle difficult personal challenges. Anything is fair game.

  • Idea Sparker. Before each group call, I’ll circulate a short prompt to spark your thinking and provide a new lens to look at your challenges, successes, and roadblocks (both personal and professional).

  • Support every step of the way. Help is just an email away! You can email or chat with me - and your brilliant mastermind cohort - between the group mastermind calls for a sounding board and thoughtful feedback.

  • Quarterly review. Halfway through the program, you’ll do a formal review of your progress (what went right, what went wrong), revise your Purpose & Profit Roadmap, and set your priorities and goals for the next quarter. This review and goal-setting process will crystalize your plan while keeping you accountable to your most important priorities.

  • Virtual wrap-up retreat. We’ll have a virtual retreat to reflect on the past 6 months, help you learn from what went right and what didn’t, celebrate the giant leaps accomplished, and set you up for what you’ll tackle next.

During the program, we’ll follow the 4-step Brand Purpose Model process.

  • Clarify: Clearly identify the vision you aim to accomplish (business impact and ESG impact)

  • Align: Build internal alignment to operationalize your vision (enlisting your entire company, setting ambitious milestones, and determining your metrics)

  • Rally: Innovate for impact and make your vision a reality (1. HOW you’ll step closer to your vision; 2. INVITING more people to join the movement; 3. giving  VISIBILITY to the change you’re creating)

  • Evolve: Implement a process for continuous improvement (ideating new approaches and revenue streams to bring you closer to your vision)

Peter Baron, Chief Member Relationships
“I appreciate so many things about Kathy's mastermind, but what stands out the most is her ability to facilitate each session with expert care. She leads you down paths that you never knew existed, which, more often than not, reveals ways to improve your business and yourself.”

- Peter Baron, Chief Member Relationships Officer, The Enrollment Management Association
Invest in creating
a new future

Members refer to the mastermind meetings as “the best 90 minutes” of their work week because that investment provides outsized returns. You make far better and faster decisions, avoid costly detours, and see opportunities you would otherwise miss—all of which saves time and produces massive personal and professional results.


This is an investment in your leadership and your business. It’s one of the best business investments you can make.


There are two investment options for the program:

1) Pay in full $9,520 (Save $2,000)

2) Six monthly payments: $1,920/month


Members are often fully or partially reimbursed by their company for participating in the program. Their organizations are serious about changing the status quo of business, setting the gold standard for your industry, creating a world-class culture, and leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come They invest in the Purpose & Profit Mastermind for premium leadership development and executive coaching, helping their top talent (and ultimately their organization) achieve ambitious goals.


I'm happy to provide more information to help with reimbursement. You can contact me here.

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“Kathy has the unique ability to inspire courage.”

- Sam Zebian, Global Brand Solutions, CAA Sports
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