The more aligned you are to your authentic leadership approach, the better you’ll be able to lead your organization,  cultivate a thriving culture, and grow a successful business.

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“Kathy has a superpower in being instantly likeable, present and engaging with anyone she meets-- a skill most of us work our entire lives to develop. She's helped me uncover underlying challenges instead of attempting to jump into solution mode for a "quick fix". This approach has been the key to lasting change.”

- Nora Peterson, Operations Executive, DXC

is Hard

One of the most important investments an executive can make is committing to develop their personal leadership skills.


You need to show up for yourself before you can show up for your organization. 


Kathy offers one-on-one executive coaching to a limited number of executive leaders each year.


Kathy’s executive coaching helps leaders increase self-awareness, identify their authentic leadership approach, and drive transformational change while providing critical thought partnership and support.


The program

At the start of the program, Kathy will work with you to clarify both your leadership and personal goals. This will form the foundation for your executive coaching development roadmap. 


Your personalized roadmap will focus on: 

  • Identifying and removing the obstacles and thought patterns that are holding you back

  • Uncovering your authentic and most effective leadership style

  • Unlocking your leadership potential 


This executive coaching program was built for busy leaders. While the process is streamlined to make the biggest impact in a condensed period of time, it will take an investment of time and energy on your part. 


Personal development
can't be outsourced

This is perfect for you if...

You're a leader that's ready to invest in yourselves so you can show up for your organization, and show up in your personal life, in the most impactful and transformative way.
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“Kathy helped me recognize what I craved professionally and chart my path forward. I am immensely grateful that she was willing to share her insight as I laid the groundwork for change.”

- Sam Zebian, CAA Sports

How it

There are two formats. Both formats have the same components:

  • You’ll receive tailored feedback and support from Kathy, during twelve 60-minute coaching calls. 

  • Based on your personalized roadmap, you’ll receive discovery sheets that will enable you to dive deep and make progress between calls.

  • You’ll also be able to communicate with Kathy via voxer voice memos, for a sounding board and support throughout the program.

Format One: 6 Month Intentional Deep Dive

The 12 coaching calls are every-other week.


Format Two: 12-Week Sprint 

The same format as the 6 month program, condensed into half the time. 


The twelve 60-minute calls are every week during the 12 week sprint. 


For the sprint to be effective, you’ll need to dedicate more time each week to the program, since the program is condensed into 3 months.

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Kathy has truly opened up parts of myself I didn’t know existed, leading me on a path of knowing myself that has changed me for the better.”

- Danica Warren, Holistic Wellness Practitioner and Life Coach


Choose the program that works best for you:

6 Month Intentional Deep Dive 

  • $12,000 paid up-front ($3,000 savings)

  • Or, $2,500 per month, for 6 months


12 Week Sprint

  • $9,000 paid up-front ($3,000 savings)

  • Or, $3,000 per month, for 3 months


Ready to step into

the best version of you?


Click the button below to apply.


If you qualify, Kathy’ll schedule a 30-minute call with you to further assess whether you’re a good fit for executive coaching.

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"Kathy Varol has an innate ability to listen.  Not only does she listen to what one says, she pays quiet attention to how things are said and what is not said. With gentleness, patience, and genuine curiosity, Kathy holds a space that is safe."

- Dr. Maria Mae McNash, Founder, Om3 Body