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"pinch-me-now" career




"Kathy has the unique ability to inspire courage.  Over the last year, Kathy helped me recognize what I craved professionally and chart my path forward. I am immensely grateful that she was willing to share her insight as I laid the groundwork for change. Today I am beginning a new chapter with a startup that aligns with my values and the entrepreneurial life I had imagined.  I encourage you to connect with Kathy if you are ready to put your dreams in motion."

- Sam Zebian

Marketing Executive

Is this you?

You have done all the “right things”.

On paper, you have an incredible job. Just turns's not your dream job. 

You feel stuck. Unfulfilled. Restless.


You're on autopilot, going through the motions. Every day your energy is going to support someone else's dream, as you ignore that nagging inner voice saying "is this it?".

You worry that you should have made a left turn 10 years ago. You're worried you're too far to change course, that you'd have to start all over again.


Plus, you don't want to sacrifice your lifestyle at the altar of "following your passion". And you shouldn't have to. You worked your butt off to get here!


It's never

too late!

You don't have to start over. All that experience you have, all those valuable badass kills you've developed.... 

you get to take with you. 

You don't need to crawl door to (figurative) door pleading for someone to take a chance on you. Hoping they'll believe that your skills are just as valuable (and maybe MORE valuable) in this new space. 


There are no limits on your dream except the ones you let in. Those sneaky blind spots and limiting beliefs are toxic trojan horses. I'll help you kick them to the curb where they belong.


You're not a damsel in distress, you're the f'ing heroine. It's time to write the script you want.  

- Brett Nord


"It's been just what I needed! For some, it will be helpful to identify the "pinch-me-now" traits and then identify those industries/companies to target. For me, it was helping me back plan and create a roadmap to turn the dream into an actionable plan. Highly recommend!"

brett 1 (1).jpeg

We're a match if...

You're ready to invest in yourself. You're tired of wasting your life feeling unfulfilled. You're ready to get in the driver's seat, invest in your happiness, and chart an intentional path that you want.

You're tired of being stuck. You've struggled to figure this out on your own. You're ready for a new perspective and support (from someone who's been there) to finally nail your "pinch-me-now" career.

You're ready to make changes. To do the work to identify a career designed specifically for your skills and passion. Your perfectly sized "glass slipper." (Don't worry, I'll help you!)

You're ready to ditch your soul-sucking job for a career so energizing you can kick the caffeine addiction for good.

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"Are you brave enough, to stop hiding behind excuses?
Are you strong enough to stop living in the shadow of your potential?
The future is now. What are you waiting for?"




Not sure if your dream is building your own venture, switching companies, or going to a non-profit?

I'll help you figure it out.

From someone who's been there (and done all of those moves), I'll help you get crystal clear on what feeds your soul.


With my 7 step process, you'll start walking down the path to your pinch-me-now career!

7 Proven ModulesTo start doing


See the hidden sign-posts right under your nose

2. Unlearning:

Release what’s holding you back


Your Ikigai sweet spot

4. Reposition:

Communicating your value


Viable pivot options

6. Experiment:

Develop experiments and stress-test

7. Start DOING:

Launch your first experiment

"What happens when the safety net tightens.
Steadily transforming. Inch by imperceptible inch.
Once comforting. Now, a suffocating straight jacket."

Tiffany Yu

CEO & Founder, Diversability 

Kathy has an effortless way of making me feel seen, validated, and appreciated in our conversations. As someone whose work is trauma-informed, I have been working through my own grief and healing journey. Kathy provided me the space to uncover new aspects of my story and I'm extremely grateful for her friendship and thought partnership.

Nora Headshot.jpg

Nora Peterson

Operations & Strategy Executive

Kathy has a superpower in being instantly likeable, present and engaging with anyone she meets-- a skill most of us work our entire lives to develop. She's helped me uncover underlying challenges instead of attempting to jump into solution mode for a "quick fix". This approach has been the key to lasting change in my life. 


Kristen Stone

Cryptocurrency Expert

My natural demeanor is one of high anxiety; I’m always trying to ‘do the right thing’. Time with Kathy gives me space to relax. She reminds me there is no ‘right thing’, there is only life, unfolding in front of me. From that place, I find a world of unlimited possibilities.


"Whoever travels without a guide needs two hundred years
for a two-day journey." - Rumi
Support Group

Ready For Magic?

Magic happens when small groups of individuals come together, each committed to understanding and transforming themselves.

It's not about working harder. If it was, you’d be there. It’s about getting past the noise and getting crystal clear on what you are meant to do. 

This 3-month digital group coaching program includes 6 group coaching sessions with Kathy, combined with tailored discovery sheets, in a small group of 10 (max) badass individuals ready to write their own script.


Gabby Bruya


Kathy has an innate ability to cut through the noise inside my head. As someone who has a tendency to overthink everything, Kathy brings out a sense of purpose, direction, and tactical action in me. Sometimes this is via direct feedback on things like resume content, overall career path, or interviewing skills. Sometimes it's discussing the bigger picture, life purpose. Having someone in your life that truly sees you as you are, sees your potential, and can help cut through the noise is priceless.  


Danica Warren

Holistic Wellness Practitioner & Life Coach

Kathy creates a nonjudgemental space where I feel safe to tell her anything. Through Kathy’s help, I overcame a limiting belief, born from a childhood trauma, that was holding me back. I was able to create a new narrative that serves me instead of limits me.  Kathy has truly opened up parts of myself I didn’t know existed, leading me on a path of knowing myself that has changed me for the better.


Dr. Maria Mae McNash

Holistic Chiropractor

 With Kathy's gift of active listening, she is able to ask meaningful questions that assist the person into their authentic being i.e., into what is true for them.
With gentleness, patience, and genuine curiosity, Kathy holds a space that is safe in order to look at things from an angle one may not have otherwise contemplated.

"The road to self-insight runs through other people."
- Psychologist Davie Dunning 



I have spent a lifetime helping others see what they are capable of and supporting their journey to get there.

Where did this begin?

​I am from a family colored by struggles with depression, addiction and bipolar disorders. This environment was a prime training ground for developing strong empathy and energy reading abilities. While you non-woo-woo dabbling types are rolling your eyes at the words "energy reading abilities"...the truth is, these abilities enable me to truly see others. Even when they are actively working to not be seen. 

My interest in understanding individuals has led me to every corner of the world. As a result, I have bartended in Australia, served coffee in the UK, made rugs and taught kickboxing in Morocco, gutted fish in Alaska, created sportswear strategy in Germany, and developed new beers in middle America.

All of these experiences have contributed to my understanding of the human condition and the common limiting thought patterns that keep us from daringly reaching for the career we secretly hope for, but don't think we're good enough for, or worthy enough for.

And I've been there. 


Feeling stuck in my career, underutilized and jaded.

After joining the Peace Corps as a bright-eyed college graduate, I came to believe in the power of harnessing capitalism as a sustainable force for good. Based on what I had learned, and the impact I was seeking to make, my path was to become great at business.

I have an MBA from Georgetown University, graduating with honors. I have had a successful professional career in marketing and strategy across multiple industries and in top companies like Microsoft, MillerCoors, and adidas.

I did all the things I "should" be doing. I had jobs other people dream about. But it always felt like something was missing. Why was I not fulfilled? Maybe the next promotion will change everything?

But the next promotion never changes everything.


Shortly after each promotion, I'd find myself sitting in meetings again wondering "what are we doing here?". Is all this collective talent, all this brain power really only going toward taking market share from a competitor? Swapping one brand label for another. Shuffling money from one shareholder's pocket to a different shareholder's pocket.

I KNEW there must be more to life. I KNEW I had more to give. I KNEW I didn't want a disconnect between my profession and my passion.

For decades I struggled to understand how to align my business skills with my desire to help others. 


Then, I landed my DREAM job.


I got the opportunity to create the global purpose (CSR) strategy for adidas, a 22 billion dollar global company.

I was finally harnessing capitalism for good as a full-time gig. It was incredible.

And then, as dreams have a tendency to do, my dream changed. 


I wanted to move out of the confines of one company.


I wanted to have a greater impact by helping more companies, and individuals, find and live their purpose. 


That's what I'm doing now. I'm living my purpose.


And I'd love to help you live yours.