Harness the power of your business to reimagine the future.

 No matter your challenge, I'll support you on your journey to becoming a force for good.

I guide businesses to find their purpose, know their "why", clarify an ambitious impact moonshot, and pave the way to get there.

Purpose is a corporate social responsibility strategy done right.

Is your business ready to live your "why" and leave a legacy

through impact?



We'll spend time understanding where you are. We'll talk about your business, your purpose strategy, your impact goals and your business goals.

What's working? What's not?

If purpose is new territory for your business, that's 100% fine! You can choose to create a vision that's bigger than the bottom line at any point in your company's history.



We'll dive deep into who your consumer is and what they care about. As well as what your employees care about, and what is authentic to your business. This will ensure that your "why", and your impact strategy, will resonate with your most important stakeholders: consumers and employees. 


We'll use my proven process to ensure the strategy and execution support your "why", maximize your impact, and achieve your business goals. 

1. Listen: After we've identified the community to impact, we will sit with them, and listen to their needs.

2. Co-create: We will then co-create solutions to those needs/challenges with the people most invested in the community.

3. Inspire: Through a visible call-to-action, we will mobilize and inspire community members, employees, partners and other organizations to get involved. Harnessing collective-action and collective-voice to create the greatest change.

4. Celebrate: It's important to give visibility to the work, the impact, and the people who are making it happen. Celebrating the wins, and the change, along the way. 

5. Sustain: We will plan the strategy looking long-term, to make the impact sustainable and long-lasting. Leaving a legacy for your brand.



Kathy has a very unique set of abilities that rarely exist in combination. She is an active listener who asks meaningful questions to gain insights, is able to synthesize data, and can develop those insights into a strategic framework to move a project toward implementation. 

Kathy built a holistic plan for the newly formed Global Purpose team. She brought in the expertise of outside consultants and over the course of nine workshops across North America, Europe, and China, was able to assess the cultural nuances that would be required to build a single global scope that combined the most relevant and urgent social and environmental issues for the company. Kathy worked collaboratively across the organization with stakeholders at all levels, from Project Managers to Executive Leaders, to ensure relevance and adoption of that plan.



I worked with Kathy on a massive brand relaunch, transforming MGD 64 to Miller 64, as a last-ditch effort to revive the brand after significant sales declines. Kathy’s strategic approach and marketing expertise were invaluable in shaping the brand transformation, from guiding the consumer research approach that identified why consumers had stopped buying the brand, to helping reimagine every aspect of the brand: personality, name, logo, packaging, marketing strategy, and marketing communication (TV, radio, print). This holistic transformation successfully reignited the brand, and the unique marketing approach stood out, gaining significant earned media coverage and growing our consumer base.

Emily Chang


I worked with Kathy on the first adidas Face Cover launch during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was a complex, global project with extremely short timelines. Throughout the project, Kathy’s passion and expertise in driving brand purpose helped the team navigate obstacles (such as when the original donation recipient unexpectedly dropped out and she was able to find a new partner in record time!). Kathy helped ensure a successful launch that enabled us to donate significant funding to Save the Children’s Coronavirus Response Fund.

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