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I work with businesses that are ready to create waves. Companies ready to embed a meaningful purpose into the heart of their business that will connect to the hearts of their consumer and inspire their employees to innovate the future.

The hero, on the hero's journey.

Your business has the courage to do things differently, to pave a new path, and take a public stand for what’s important to you. Courage is a magnet. When you boldly show what you value and commit resources to make an impact, consumers will take notice. 

The dreamer. Ready to leave a mark. 

You want to leave a legacy. You want to leave the world a better place because your company existed and because you had the audacity to reach for more. It’s not just about business, it’s about doing something meaningful. 

The crazy one. The rule breaker. The changemaker.

Your business is ready to disrupt how things are done. You’re not interested in blindly copying what the competition is doing. You know you can never be a leader by following. You are ready to create a better way of doing things, one that’s infused with meaning and impact.

HI, I'm kathy.
I'm an expert in creating authentic purpose-driven strategies that are impactful, consumer-centered, and will leave a legacy for you and your brand. 
I have 20 years of experience in strategy, brand marketing, and impact working across successful companies like adidas, MillerCoors, and Microsoft.  

Philip Hambach


Kathy shaped the strategy for our women’s business. She expertly analyzed the data from quantitative consumer research (12.5K respondents across China, USA, and Europe) and synthesized it with multiple other data sources. Kathy turned all this data into business insights that were foundational for the women’s business strategy and fundamentally altered the way we approach the women's apparel business.

Dan Hennessy

Coors light

If you're in need of a consultant to help you with your sustainability efforts, Kathy is a wonderful person to partner with. I worked with Kathy on Coors Light, one of the largest brands in the United States, where she led the creation of the "Coors Recycles" program.  Kathy linked the legacy of the brand with current consumer sentiment around recycling.  
The program was a massive success and significantly enhanced the brand's image with consumers and retailers, while also
leaving a lasting impact by supporting recycling initiatives across the country.

Brendan Noonan

MGD 64

Kathy instinctively knew that the strongest way forward for the brand was through cause marketing. She believed that for '64' to mean more to consumers, it would have to do more not just say more via advertising. This was novel in the beer industry. There’s an art to building a successful cause marketing campaign that takes the combination of special insight into the human element and the realities of activation in the business world.
Kathy enabled the brand to act with purpose and gave it a chance to connect on a higher emotional level than it ever had before.


How I Got Here...

As a bright-eyed idealist I joined Peace Corps straight out of college. Since that flight to Morocco, the idealist never left me.


I’ve been incredibly lucky to work for amazing brands across multiple industries. Finding a way to be a catalyst for good by consistently creating authentic consumer-centered impact strategies and initiatives. 


Then I got my DREAM job. 

I created the Global Purpose (corporate social responsibility) strategy for adidas,  a 22 billion dollar global company. Yes, you read that right: twenty-two  BILLION.


To call that a dream come true is the understatement of the century. 

There’s an interesting thing that happens when you get everything you’ve ever wanted. You find yourself at the top of the mountain, you look around, and suddenly realize you never considered what to do AFTER this point. 

But then, my dream grew beyond the walls of adidas.


 I realized that my purpose is helping other companies (and the humans that work in those companies) find and live their purpose. 




I have experience creating corporate social responsibility strategies and initiatives in-house at blue-chip companies. I know the challenges of creating purposeful change in large, complex, multinational organizations. Through trial and error, I've learned what works, and what doesn't.

I thrive at the intersection of brand strategy and impact. I help clients think differently, problem solve, challenge assumptions, and reimagine the future of their businesses so they leave a legacy.


The Industry Leader. Content With the Status Quo. 

You read that right. I want clients who are hungry and ready to disrupt the tired playbook. Success breeds complacency. When that tired playbook fails, and your business inevitably loses the #1 me. We’ll do the interesting work of building meaning into your brand and sparking fire in the hearts of your consumers (and employees). 

Window Washers.

I'm not talking about the amazingly fearless humans that dangle outside skyscrapers. I'm talking about companies that want the credit of being a force for good without doing the work. If you’re looking for a smoke and mirrors impact strategy, please move along…

Sasquatch. Fixing your carbon footprint.

Are you searching for technical supply chain consulting? That's not my expertise. There are other amazingly smart humans that can help with that.

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