I help my clients break old patterns of thinking, so  they can and achieve their full potential personally and professionally.

I have spent a lifetime guiding others through transformative journeys.

Where did this begin?

​I am from a family colored by struggles with depression, addiction and bi-polar disorders. This environment was prime training ground for developing strong empathy and energy reading abilities. These abilities enable me to truly see others, even when they are actively working to not be seen. 

My interest in understanding individuals has led me to every corner of the world. As a result, I have bar tended in Australia, served coffee in the UK, made rugs and taught kickboxing in Morocco, gutted fish in Alaska, created sportswear strategy in Germany, and developed new beers in middle America.

All of these experiences have contributed to my understanding of the human condition and the common patterns of thinking that keep us from living an aligned, wholehearted life.

I have an MBA from Georgetown University, graduating with honors. I have had a successful professional career in marketing and strategy across multiple industries and in top companies: Microsoft, MillerCoors, adidas.

My purpose in coaching is to help you achieve your full potential personally and professionally. 


I am able to hold a safe space for you to explore your narrative, history, experiences and feelings. I can help you understand why your feelings exist. I can hold those emotions with love, until you are able to.

My style is compassionate, genuine, and honest. 


I act as a guide to support your transformational journey to true self. 

“The road to self-insight runs through other people.” - psychologist David Dunning

Sam Zebian

Marketing Executive

Kathy has the unique ability to inspire courage. She is fearless, is willing to ask for exactly what she wants, and masterfully persuades gatekeepers to support her vision. 


Over the last year, she helped me recognize what I craved professionally and chart my path forward. I am immensely grateful that she was willing to share her insight as I laid the groundwork for change. Today I am beginning a new chapter with a startup that aligns with my values and the entrepreneurial life I had imagined.  I encourage you to connect with Kathy if you are ready to put your dreams in motion.

Nick Lauren


Kathy gave me the insights—and strategies that enabled me to discover insights on my own—that I needed to make headway in my hourly battle against procrastination and lack of follow through.

Loving yourself is the greatest revolution





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