Reimagine What's



Be A Catalyst

for change

We are in a time of global disruption. 

As we're being forced to change, take a moment to be intentional about the change you want to create. 

I help individuals and companies: 

  • Reimagine what's possible 

  • Get crystal clear on your vision for reinvention

  • Find meaning in your work and business

  • Chart your path to revolutionary change

Street Protest

FOR Companies

The best performing organizations and the most loved brands have a purpose

beyond profit.


I have a process to help you find your purpose and

leave your legacy. 

So your customers will fall in love

with your brand and won't be able

to stop talking about it. 


James Carnes

VP Adidas Brand Strategy

Kathy has a very unique set of abilities that rarely exist in combination. She is an active listener who asks meaningful questions to gain insights, is able to synthesize data, and can develop those insights into a strategic framework to move a project toward implementation. 

Kathy built a holistic plan for the newly formed Global Purpose team. She brought in the expertise of outside consultants and over the course of nine workshops across North America, Europe, and China, was able to assess the cultural nuances that would be required to build a single global scope that combined the most relevant and urgent social and environmental issues for the company. 



You've done all the right things: great college, impossible to get into company, successful career. 

But you're not fulfilled.

It's time to stop wasting life 

living someone else's dream.

I'll help you go from a "great on paper" job that sucks your soul to a meaningful career (dare I say "calling") that your future self will thank you for.


Sam Zebian

Marketing Executive

Kathy has the unique ability to inspire courage.

Over the last year, Kathy helped me recognize what I craved professionally and chart my path forward. I am immensely grateful that she was willing to share her insight as I laid the groundwork for change. Today I am beginning a new chapter with a startup that aligns with my values and the entrepreneurial life I had imagined.  I encourage you to connect with Kathy if you are ready to put your dreams in motion.

Stang-up Meeting
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."
– Margaret Mead

This is a call to action

It’s time to take the baton 

from the old guard.

With a beginners mind, 

we will grow wings

and take flight together.

Into a new future.


A future led  by the creators and dreamers, 

the rule breakers and lovers.


A future rooted 

in our humanity.

A future that celebrates individuality,

delights in differences,

demands equality,

and is powered by 

the limitless force

of human imagination. 

We will 
march forward.
One day at a time.
One change at a time.
Until the world 
is changed.


The responsibility

is ours.

The time, is now. 

We are 

the new guard.





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