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The best brands stand for something

By embedding purpose into the heart of their strategy, these companies accelerate growth and transform their business to:

  • Become a loved brand with envied consumer loyalty

  • Attract the best talent

  • Fully harness the innovative brainpower of their employees (innovation that keeps them miles ahead of the competition)

do something remarkable

The best performing organizations and the most loved brands have a purpose

beyond profit.


The Brand Purpose Model helps you identify your purpose and

leave your legacy. 

So your customers will fall in love

with your brand and won't be able

to stop talking about it. 

how to be remarkable:

  • Create a vision of the world your consumers want to be part of.

  • Invite them to be part of creating that better world. 

  • Inspire an army of advocates spreading the story of your brand.

  • Create a deeper meaning to your work, transforming a job into a point of pride.


Inspire your organization, and learn The Brand Purpose Model to embed purpose into the heart of your business and tap into the best growth strategy.


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Harness the Brand Purpose Model for breakthrough results. Grow profit, engagement, & customer loyalty by embedding a purposeful vision into your organization. 


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Companies with purpose are positively shaping the future. These companies are winning the hearts of consumers (and market share!).

I help businesses become a force for good, disrupt their industry, and leave a legacy through impact.

"Putting in long hours for a corporation is hard. Putting in long hours for a cause is easy."
– Elon Musk

Kathy has a very unique set of abilities that rarely exist in combination. She is an active listener who asks meaningful questions to gain insights, is able to synthesize data, and can develop those insights into a strategic framework to move a project toward implementation. 

Kathy built a holistic plan for the newly formed Global Purpose team. She brought in the expertise of outside consultants and over the course of nine workshops across North America, Europe, and China, was able to assess the cultural nuances that would be required to build a single global scope that combined the most relevant and urgent social and environmental issues for the company. 

James Carnes

VP Adidas Brand Strategy

Results you can expect

  • Market Differentiation 

  • Consumer Loyalty 

  • Inspired and engaged employees 

  • New innovation with a singular vision

  • Easier internal decision making 

  • Attraction & retention of top talent 

  • Purpose that drives new profit